August 17, 2020

Why older people so fond of slot games?

Why older people so fond of slot games?

In movies that take place in casinos, you often see seniors playing slot machines. This happens a lot. But what’s the deal with old people and slot machines? Why is it that you see rows of seniors lined up, having a spin on the reels?

We did a little research to find out why slots are so often their number one choice of game.


The slot machines have been around for many years and this certainly reminds the older guard of the past. Whilst today’s slot machines require little physical effort and can be operated by everyone, they’re still reminiscent of seeing and who knows, you might be lucky and quickly put the right symbols in a row.

Low Bets

The appeal of slots is that you don’t have to risk a lot of money to play. You don’t have to bet a lot when playing a slot machine. Sometimes you can take a gamble for a few cents and given that the elderly do not always have a large budget, a small bet makes it fun too. So it is harmless entertainment that you do not have to cost much.

Escape from Reality

Another reason why older people choose these games is escapism or a way to escape from reality. By playing a game you can forget everything around you for a moment and a completely different world opens up for you. Gambling games give you so much distraction that you don’t have to think about anything else. The world of older people is often a bit smaller anyway and taking a gamble gives them something else to do.

Easy to Play

In slot games, you can play alone and no one else is watching if you don’t want to unlike on Table games. Nobody demands a particular bet or move from you and most slot games are easy to do so that they are suitable for everyone and you do not need any particular complicated technique or tactics so it’s a fun and stress-free alternative to while away the time.

Free Drinks

For many elderly people, a visit to the casino is attractive because you get something to drink for free. If you have made a certain number of visits to the casino you will receive an upgrade and you can drink for free. You can play and gamble without having to bet too much and your drink will be brought along by a friendly server. How comfortable is that?


Playing a game or taking a bet can be addictive. Once you have started, quitting is very difficult and you would rather just keep going. Certainly, with games on a slot machine, these can quickly become an addiction. Because there is a good chance of winning, people often keep playing, just in case the next hit is your big win. The noise that a slot machine makes while doing this only stimulates people to do so even more. After all, if you, as a gambler, hear someone else win, you want that too right?

User Friendly

As the older people age, their eyes, ears, and reflexes are no longer exactly what they used to be. The best thing about slots is that none of that matters. The sound is loud, the image is huge and bright, and the benefits don’t depend on your reaction being fast enough. The games are very user-friendly and therefore very engaging.

Can be sociable

As an older person, you sometimes sit alone at home, so going to a casino is also a place where you can meet other people and peers. It is easy to go there and you will meet other people with whom you can chat and have a nice day out.

Feel loved

Many elderly people feel excluded from society or a burden on their families. But only in the slot machine will you be entertained by sounds and lights. Suddenly the world is better and you feel young and loved again and where you are important.

The elderly also find a gamble satisfactory

For the elderly, this often does not have to be all that much, but a gamble becomes a real outing. As for the older generations, gambling is very much at the heart of many of their social events. Bingo is hugely popular. After all, that is not flashy and sensational enough for the youth and they want more. Many elderly people suddenly feel a lot younger during the game and the tension that it entails is certainly fun.

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