November 29, 2020

Which Sports are the Most Profitable to Bet on?

Which Sports are the Most Profitable to Bet on?

As the sports betting industry continues to grow, more and more bettors are signing up for sports betting. This also raises some new questions. Which Sports are the most profitable to bet?

This is a good question, however, it doesn’t have an immediate answer. Different sports bettors will give different answers because everyone has their own opinion.

And while bookies will make a profit over most players, you don’t have to be one of them. There are certain sports, some of which consist of the big leagues, while others are only special events in certain countries where a lot of money can be made.

With that being said, some sports are generally considered to be more profitable than others, and there are a few main reasons. If you want to make money betting on sports, it is advisable to bet on these sports.


Let’s start with the most popular sport in the world. NFL and college football betting has the most sports betting handle each year.

One of the main reasons football is profitable to bet is that it is so popular. This means there is a lot of betting information available and you can easily find free betting tips and bets. Now, most people think that because the market is worth so much money, the experts who determine the odds will adjust it so precisely that it is unlikely to make a profit. 

Well some certainty, but that doesn’t stop the sport from getting profit. This means that for most bettors it will not be profitable. And you don’t want to be part of that group. The only drawback is that football is only played during certain times of the year and this can limit your betting opportunities.


This is by far the most difficult sport to bet on. The reason MLB is one of the most lucrative sports to bet can be summed up in one word, “data”. MLB has historically been the most data-driven sport, and the volume it follows in 2020 is staggering. Think of it without a computer as a betting partner, processing these data points is almost impossible.

For example, you can take a pitcher-based strategy to your bets. Walks or WHIP plus hits per innings pitched is the average number of hits plus walks a pitcher is allowed in a single inning. WAR (Wins Above Replacement) gives you the number of additional wins made as a result per player based on the expected average. These are just two highly traceable data points that are relatively easy to access by making a quick online search.

Practice data to your advantage. The average person will be too lazy to do so, which is why casinos make a lot of money from the sports betting industry. If you do a little research, you will increase your chances of winning tenfold.


Boxing used to be one of the most well-known sports, but that has changed in recent years. What doesn’t change is that boxing is still quite profitable and has some unique opportunities.

One of the main reasons for winning is that there are not many different outcomes in a boxing match. This limits the number of decisions that have to be made and gives you a better chance of making money. Boxing is a sport with a lot of information possible, and it is easy to get free bets or predictions.


Tennis is played all year round, which means there are always opportunities to bet. Tennis tournaments also take weeks to complete, and you can make a lot of money in the previous rounds. If you’re looking for a new sport to play outside of your favorite sports season, betting on tennis is the best way to go.


You need to know that casinos rely on careless gamblers, there are numerous types. There was one guy who drank too much and made reckless bets. Another person who makes a bet based on “hunch” or “intuition.” Or maybe just someone who wants to have fun and has no interest in winning or losing.

Look, we’re not here to deny people who choose to play this way. If you consider gambling a bit of harmless fun, the losses may be seen as the ticket price for participating.

But if you want to make money out of sports, you need data. If you don’t become a Billy Bean master of numbers, you’re doomed to lose in the long run.

Keep this in mind: data + betting markets + value bets = profit. Never bet on emotion, focus on value even if you are betting on the most unlikely events and take advantage of the bonus.

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