September 27, 2019

What Is Dead Heat Betting?

What Is Dead Heat Betting?

Sports betting seems the easiest form of gaming, it’s just one side wins or another, right? However, there are some rare instances where ties (draw) come into play. In sports betting these are called dead heats.

What is a Dead Heat?

Dead Heat is a draw between two or rarely, more runners in a race. And this is where things get complicated. Although in team sports this may be confusing in an individual sport like horse racing and golf, it’s not. A dead Heat in horse racing or golf occurs when multiple selections tie for the same position.

In Which Sports Does It Happen?

It happens mostly to horse racing and golf, cause they are not a common event across the board in all sports. For example, in sports like tennis, boxing, or any sports where there is just one versus one, you never see dead heat. The reason dead heats happen primarily in horse racing, golf, and sometimes motorsports is that they have a competitor jockeying for position.

How Often Does It Happen?

Dead Heat is a rare experience in horse racing. When it is typically as close as it gets and you will likely see one horse that finished a hair ahead of the other. Still, there is a chance of a dead heat.

In golf, dead heats happen more often because golfers can finish with the same score. If there is a tie score for first place, the golfers who are in that position will have a playoff to decide the winner.

Dead heats are a rarity in any type of racing, However, in golf betting, It’s a weekly occurrence.

Do Sportsbooks Ever Use Dead Heat Rules to Their Advantage?

This is a question by some bettors, but in reality, it’s only a myth. Sportsbooks do not take advantage when it occurs to dead heats. They have a set of rules that they stick to and will always payout using a system. However, before you start betting on sports make sure to read terms and conditions first.

Dead Heats are fairly simple to understand, although the concept may seem complicated at first. They are just one amongst many subtle you will have to get a substantial before you become a successful sports bettor.

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