September 23, 2019

Ways On How To Improve Your Betting

Ways On How To Improve Your Betting

Becoming a successful bettor requires hard work, knowledge, determination, and experience. There is no such thing as instant betting success. Beginners should not rush off placing wagers, it is not that easy to get everything right when you are just starting. Like anything worth doing reaching a winning percentage takes both time and perseverance. Don’t leave everything up to luck!

Here are some ways on how to improve your betting:

Understand the concept of value – One of the hardest things to explain to bettors with a few understandings of betting is the concept of value. Understanding value is key to long-term betting success, It might seem prevalent to the betting veteran but for a new in the gambling world, it can be difficult to adjust. Being able to find value means that you can find odds that are too high, and capitalize on those opportunities. Spotting value is the toughest thing to do in this business.

Understand basic math – Many gamblers can make a success on instinct and luck. However, betting is about calculating odds and understanding the statistics. Are you familiar with  

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Percent 
  • Ratio
  • Decimal

If not, I recommend you to study basic math, if you are serious about betting. If you ever said the phrase “I’m not a math guy”, apparently you should not be a betting guy either.

Understand how the bookmakers make the odds – Bookmakers will set the odds to attract bettors, as well as to balance their liability and take their commission. If you want to bet successfully you need to find the right bookmakers that will let you win. Unfortunately, some bookmakers limiting their successful players, or even ban them for winning. However, it is a good thing that there are still bookmakers, like Betrnk, that don’t do such a thing to players. Betrnk’s business model is based on low margins and high volumes. this means they just want to have a substantial action, supported by a small bookmaker margin which translates into better odds for the bettors.

Avoid bet by heart trap – A professional bettor has put their feelings aside and just focusing on facts, avoid letting in your emotions, and let the logic take over. Have a clear decision process your logical thinking will take control of your bet.

Specialize in something – The majority of all betting done on Football, it is rare to find high-value odds in these leagues cause the bookmakers are too good. That is why we recommend you to specialize, take a look at the second and third leagues in other countries. Since most people wage on the top leagues, the oddsmakers are focusing more there. Search into unknown leagues, start watching games, try to get information. In a smaller league is the coverage substantially lower. The bookmakers will set odds on all games, we can play whichever match we want. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THAT!

Keep a long-term perspective – Nothing is better than a winning streak, however, you will also have a losing streak. You will face ups and downs. No gambler has ever had a positive curve on their bankroll for a long time. It will be a bumpy road. If you want to be pro, then you need a long term perspective with your betting.

Don’t bet to make things interesting – It is important to not bet when the conditions are not right, make good bets where the value is high. Live betting is fun and exciting but it is very difficult to make money from it. The value of bets is low compared to the risk, it is simply too much luck involved. Just stick to what you’re best at. Make sure to keep track of all your bets so you can go back and analyze the results to find strategy and pattern.

Become time neutral – Do not settle on things in the past, we can change anything about it but learn from past mistakes. Betting is like itself, it is a learning process. It’s okay to make mistakes if we learn from them. Become time neutral. Make sure that every decision you make is because of today’s fact, not because you had an experience yesterday. Never try to chase losses.

Bet on a level that suits your personality – There are bettors who don’t get stress when they bet on high odds. They are calm and have a nerve of steel, they are born risk-takers and enjoy tough action. However, some are risk evasive. If you are a person that tries to avoid risks, then specialize in lower odds. You just need to adjust your bets to your personality.

Set goals for your betting – Set a goal to what you want to achieve. You need to collect data about your bet, in order to estimate your progress. When you set a target for your game, focus more on what you can do in order to improve your betting skills than how much money you want to make. You cannot be a pro overnight, set realistic goals that you will be able to achieve.

Join a community – Find someone that can mentor you. A good complement to the forum would find a good tipster to follow. Some bettors share tips and strategies. If you do the same what successful bettors do, you will become successful too!

And the most important tip is to choose a Sport you love to watch, the more you watch, read and the time you spend on checking data will make you a successful bettor. Remember, there are no ‘safe bets’ and nothing is guaranteed in betting. However, spending hours doing something you love will give you a lot of fun and satisfaction.

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