September 20, 2019

Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual sports betting is the newest innovation in the sports betting industry, it provides the player a new experience and entertainment that gives more fun and excitement when playing. Inspired by real sports, it became popular in recent times due to the fascination with games such as Fifa, Football Manager, and other Fantasy sports video games. In an early form of Fantasy Baseball coded for an IBM 1620 computer by John Burgeson, it allowed two teams to play an RNG (random number generator) and players strategy to determine the outcome of the game.

What is Virtual Sports?

Virtual Sports Betting Popular Markets

Virtual sports are electronic games that generated visual feedback on a display device. Virtual sports are essentially video games where computer software plays out sports events, contest or races. The computer-generated graphics are usually advanced and is operated on current generating gaming consoles. Advanced algorithm determines the outcome, they calculate the skill of the participants as well as the chance of luck in real sports. Virtual sports betting may be different than regular sports betting, however, in regards to the length of an event and frequency, there are some similarities. For example, if a player is injured in the real world, he will be injured in the virtual world too.

  • Win – bet on the final outcome of a virtual event
  • Forecast Betting:
  1. Straight Forecast – is a bet when you predict two participants who come 1st and 2nd in the correct order in the specific event.
  2. Reversed Forecast – when you predict two participants to finish 1st and second in any order in the specific event.
  3. Combination Forecast – when you choose three or more selection in an event and any of these will finish 1st and 2nd in a specific event. 
  • Tricast Betting – a type of bet when you predict which will finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the correct order. All bets are settled following the appropriate industry dividend except where stated below. 
  • Each Way – your selection will either win or will be able to finish the virtual event.
  • Goals – bet on a specific player to goal first.
  • Match Odds – choose to back any listed possible outcomes of an event.

The two types of Virtual sports betting: Games and Races

  1. Race Virtual Sports – the aim is for all the participants to try and win the race, if not win, the goal is to at least finish in as high position as possible.
  2. Games Virtual Sports – the aim of the player or a team is to beat the other opponent and win in the said match.

Common Race Virtual Sports:

  • Horse racing
  • Motor car racing
  • Cycling
  • Speedway
  • Greyhounds

Common Game Virtual Sports:

  • Football (soccer)
  • Tennis 
  • Basketball

Betting on a virtual sport is much like betting on a real sports event. The only difference is the bookmakers will determine what virtual events will occur fast-paced, regular interval and who is competing. But aside from that, the mechanics are just normal sports betting. In virtual sports, luck does play an important role in deciding the winner. And the final result is still worked out by a random number generator. RNG is completely fair in all sites offering virtual sports that need to ensure that they are tested and certified wit UK gambling Commissions Technical Standards Documents.

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