October 28, 2019

VIP Gambling Den In Kathmandu Raided By Police, 25 Arrested

VIP Gambling Den In Kathmandu Raided By Police, 25 Arrested

Kathmandu, Nepal –25 people were arrested after police raided a ‘VIP’ gambling den in Nepal’s capital city.

Kathmandu police confirmed that 25 individuals were arrested in an operation against an illegal gambling den in Maharajgunj on Sunday.

According to the police, the gambling den was located in a posh and sophisticated area, and resembled a mini-casino where VIPs and high-rollers visited.

The police also confiscated multiple gaming machines and equipment on the road, and seized roughly NPR 26.7 million in cash. Furthermore, a cheque amounting to NPR 300,000 was also confiscated.

Officials revealed that they received a tip-off concerning an illegal online gambling operation happening at a private property near Hotel Shambala.

Those arrested will be facing charges according to the country’s Gambling Act.

Anti-Gambling Activities

In August this year, prior to the start of the festive season, Nepali police launched a nationwide drive against illegal gambling which lead to the arrest of 24 people.

Nepal only allows foreigners at its licensed casinos; gambling continues to be illegal. Recently the government has put in place measures to protect customer data. Because the casino industry is still growing in the small Himalayan country, casinos do not have proper records of patrons and visitors. With this new law in place, all casinos in Nepal will be required to keep a proper record of visitors.

The Nepali government has restricted casinos from allowing people involved (or were involved) in suspicious activities. Casinos are also required to inform the police if they observe any suspicious activity from visitors

The government has requested the casinos to make sure that no locals are able to get inside the premises because existing gambling regulations prohibit Nepalese people from betting at local casinos. Only foreigners are allowed inside casinos in Nepal.

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