December 21, 2020

Understanding Craps Live powered by Evolution Gaming

Understanding Craps Live powered by Evolution Gaming

Whenever you see a dice game in a movie, the table is usually surrounded by a happy crowd. Evolution has done everything to restore the social aspects of the hugely popular dice game with style and finesse.

The best thing about this game is how easy it is for beginners to get into the gameplay. You have an interactive tutorial at hand and the My Number indicator makes it easy to get a full view of the action. You can also follow what other players are doing here and interact via the chat function.

What is Craps Live from Evolution Gaming?

Craps Live from Evolution Gaming is the exciting and unique online version of Craps that fans of this legendary game have been waiting for. Craps is an extremely popular game in mainland casinos, especially in the United States. This game can seem almost overwhelming to a novice player, but in this unique online version, the game is more accessible than ever.

This is due to the introduction of an easy-to-play user interface with useful functions, which also allow new players to understand and play the game within a short time. The game is certainly appealing to both experienced and novice players, available both in a live dealer version and virtually in First Person mode.

How to Play

To make things as realistic as possible, Evolution designed a mechanical arm so that the dice are thrown at a different force and speed each time. This mimics the way one presents oneself while removing the human element from the equation. Pretty smart and fun to watch.

Also, the dice are not placed in the same position on the “hand” mechanical arm at all times. The dealer places it there and this adds another element of randomness to the process.

As soon as you place your first bet, come-out-roll” will be displayed. This is the first roll of the dice and the mechanical arm is the “shooter” (the roll of the dice). There are 3 main results you need to know to play craps online:

  • Natural – the value of the dice is combined either 7 or 11, which means the shooter wins.
  • Craps – is the shooters’ losing roll with a combination of 2, 3, or 12 dice value.
  • Point – is the name of all other possible combined dice values. The shooter has to get the exact same number again to win from this outcome and you can place bets on each new round. Landing 7 means the shooter loses the round and is referred to as a “7-out”.

Understanding these three easy outcomes will give you a good basis for playing live craps. However, you should also know a little about the various betting options available.

Craps Live Betting Options 

Craps is a type of game that looks confusing and a little scary to beginners but is quite easy once you start playing. In order not to be too confusing for new players, we will briefly summarize the most important betting options below.

  • Pass bet and Don’t Pass Bet – applies to 2 table areas identified as “Pass Line” and “Don’t Pass”. You normally bet on the shooter who wins or loses based on the results listed above. Landing 12 is a “Push,” meaning you get your money back. These bets are available first before the “Point” has been established.
  • Come and Don’t Come Bets – these are bets that you can place after the “Point” number has been determined. Come bet wins if you land “naturally” (7 or 11) and loses if you land Craps. More complex options will be available when Point is rolled.

Tips for New Players

If you are new to Craps, it may be easier to start playing with the Easy Mode user interface. Easy Mode is suitable for players who want to play the game less extensively. With the click of a button, the user interface changes and you play with fewer betting options so that everything is easier to oversee.

When you get used to the game after a while and are ready to expand it, you can do so again with the push of a button. You could also choose to try First Person Mode first, which you play against the computer all by yourself. This will of course take away a part of the charm of the game, but it will make it easier for you to master the rules.

It is good to comprehend that Evolution Gaming has succeeded in developing this super popular casino game in such a way that it can also be played in a trusted online casino.

Evolution Gaming

When it comes to developing live casino games, Evolution Gaming sets itself a bit apart from the rest of the market. With unique games such as Lightning Baccarat, Lightning Roulette, and Lightning Dice. These games are variations of the well-known classic table games. The provider has added exciting multipliers which makes the game much more energetic and exciting. You can also win bigger prizes as a result.

In the field of online game shows, Evolution Gaming is top of the world anyway. Games such as Monopoly Live and the recently launched Crazy Time are top sellers in online casinos. Thousands of players can participate simultaneously and do so every day. The social aspect of playing a game together in combination with big prizes attracts many players. You can play for very small amounts. That is also very nice for the players. 

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