December 1, 2020

UFC Champion Jon Jones Case About the Best Player of All Time

UFC Champion Jon Jones Case About the Best Player of All Time

In the sport of MMA, there are no rules or regulations on what will popularize a fighter or form a positive bond with fans. A perfect instance of this phenomenon is UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones.

Jon Jones is arguing about the best MMA player ever. He proved himself to be the most talented light heavyweight, but is he the best?

It is difficult to determine who is the best player in this sport. When you think of the best players, some names come to mind. You think of legendary players like Anderson Silva, who has long been dominant. Big names like Georges St-Pierre also need to be recognized as he dominated the welterweight division and even won middleweight titles later in his career. As well as Henry Cejudo who has won both flyweight and bantamweight titles. Conor McGregor and Randy Couture are also taken into account.

But there is a good reason why Jones can be considered the best player ever for his excellent career. He hasn’t lost one fight throughout his career. This was unheard of, but he was successful in top-level competition. The only spots in his record were his disqualification for an elbow foul early in his career.

The composition of a good player is determined by his good performance over the long term. Looking at Jones’ career record, he sees that he controls the entire career. He fought fiercely here and there, but in many cases, he had already won the light heavyweight division for ten years.

Silva is one of the closest players to Jones and he is probably the greatest rival in history. Another name is Demetrious ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson, who has long dominated his weight division. He was so dominant that he devised the UFC and needed competition, allowing him to compete with other players in different promotions.

Amanda Nunes also needed to be included in the debate, and as the best female MMA player of all time, she had a career similar to Jones as she dominated the entire sport for years.

Jones succeeded in dominating many legends in his career with little effort. He participated in several heavyweight games and, to the very least, dominated these games. He decided to move to the heavyweight division, which means he was preparing for a new challenge.

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