January 15, 2021

UESF launches first-ever Ukrainian Esports Cup with a prize pool of UAH 250,000

UESF launches first-ever Ukrainian Esports Cup with a prize pool of UAH 250,000

The Ukrainian Sports Federation (UESF), in collaboration with electronics company Eldorado, has launched the first-ever Ukrainian Esports Cup, in which players from all over the country will battle it out in a five-stage championship.

The launch follows the Ukrainian state’s recent recognition of esports as an official sport. The competition will take place from January 18 and March 28, 2021, and coincide with the CS:GO season. Participants can take part in the championship alone or teams of five players. The 12 teams that qualify for the final Super League stages will compete for a prize pool of UAH 250,000 ($9,000).

All Super League participants will receive a bonus from the UESF. Each team developed its own logo, uniform, social media designs, and if possible a photoshoot. The first round will feature round-robin style matches with a bo2 format, with the top six teams advancing to the finals to compete in a single-elimination system with a bo3 elimination system.

UESF will work with its partners to sponsor various competitions and attractive prizes. First, strategic partner Parimatch, one of the leading betting operators in the esports market, and ExpertPC, a well-known Ukrainian gaming PC manufacturer, will give two people a chance to win a high-performance gaming computer.

Ivan Danishevsky commented: “The first Ukrainian Esports Cup is a thrilling moment for esports in this country, representing a major step towards Ukraine becoming an esports hub of the future. We can’t wait for the inaugural tournament, which will deliver both pulsating entertainment and a chance for esports talent to breakthrough. We are confident that this is the beginning of what will become the pinnacle of the Ukrainian sporting calendar in the years to come.”

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