October 24, 2019

Top 10 slot games of SA Gaming

Top 10 slot games of SA Gaming

SA Gaming is an online gaming software provider that’s based out of the Philippines. They provide games services globally, but with a main focus on the Asian market. The company is authorized by PAGCOR and has its games independently certified by both BMM Testlabs and Gaming Labs. All of which assures us that the games are on the level.

In this article, we will show you the top 10 slot games that you can play on the SA Gaming platform.

1. Lucky Fa

This is a desirable game amongst gamblers. Lucky Fa translates to Lucky Fortune, where Fa stands for “become rich”. It has symbols of riches and wealth, and other features ensure gamblers to win big cash.

2. Saints of Mahjong

This game is so popular that every gambler will find it appealing. This tabletop game features 4 skillful players, who are chasing the honor of the saints of Mahjong. Challenging the saints of Mahjong is a battle of nerve, skillfulness, and wits.

3.Dragon Tiger

This slot game reveals the fierce competition between the Dragon and Tiger on a slot wheel. You have to play to the very end before you predict who wins the game. Dragon and Tiger free game gives you unlimited spin mode with a progressive jackpot that begins as your stake gets higher.

4.Prosperity Tree

The prosperity slot game offers a peaceful ambiance with golden trees, a serene lake, and a sky bathed in moonlight. It is harvest time on the prosperity tree for you to create wealth off the branch that grows money. This slot game is random in nature and offers three progressive jackpots. Gamblers can win in this game at any time and this prompts an anticipating feeling in the players throughout the game.

5.Super 7

This slot game offers you a classic slot with great music jazz. Super 7 is a masterclass in simplicity and it offers three progressive jackpots for players to strive more. The game is open to both deep pockets and low limits players.

6.Dragon 8

The Dragon 8 game gives you a life full of unlimited riches when you successfully win the shining, 80 feet tall, the rare dragon that guards the holy Dragon ball and treasure. This slot game has about 20 pay lines to win from your stake.

7.Golden Chicken

This slot game is all in Gold, from the gold text, gold reels, and gold jackpots unite to compliment the red background. The golden chicken gives surpassing visuals and themes that enable players to easily win big from their wager. With the golden eggs, you can get success and plenty of fortunes for yourself. The slot game features three progressive jackpots that allow you to hit big from total offerings.

8.Child of Wealth

This slot game offers you lots of fortune and wealth. A trending oriental themed slots that have cute character and background. The Child of Wealth features three progressive jackpots where you can win big from your wager by shifting from right to left or left to right.

9.Fantasy Goddess

The Fantasy Goddess has three fantasy goddesses that make all your dreams come true. Those three are the Goddess of fire, the Goddess of Ice, and the Goddess of Thunder. You have to find all these Goddesses interesting and helpful for you to earn riches.

10.Three-star God

Three-star God features prosperity, longevity, and status which are the qualities of a good life. This slot game has wild 5 reels with 243 ways to play and win big.

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