November 10, 2020

Tipping Guide for Casino Players

Tipping Guide for Casino Players

To tip, or not to tip? This is a question you’ve likely pondered about at a casino. Whether you are a seasoned professional gamer or an amateur trying casino gaming for the first time, there are some basic game etiquette rules that you should be aware of.

You won’t sit down to play the game until you learn the rules and, in the same way, you should know the tipping etiquette of the casino you are visiting before making your first bet.

Tipping your Dealer

If you are an active table games player, you will be interacting the most with the dealer. Whether you are playing baccarat, roulette, blackjack, or any other casino games, that has a live dealer.

Usually, you will be able to tip in several ways. You can tip a static amount for each session. Most players tip a minimum of $5.00 per session. However, if you are playing at a high stakes table, you can increase the amount.

There is a little chance of returning at some point, so these players think it is better to show good karma for the next session.

Tipping Hand Pay Attendants

Slots players usually tip when they win a slot jackpot over $1200, the attendant will verify the jackpot and then come back to count out your money. The attendant will have a tax form that you must fill out before it can be withdrawn.

Many gamblers think that one percent of the jackpot is an appropriate tip for the attendant. For a $ 1000 jackpot, this is a $10 tip.

Tipping Casino Servers

Tipping is a personal choice and your decision to tip everyone should be based on the service you receive. If the service is prompt, you may be willing to tip more. However, if you wait a long time you can tip less.

Furthermore, one person should players tip the most are the beverage servers. Many casinos offer players free drinks. In some casinos, these drinks are not free for waiters or waitresses. Since their tip is part of their paycheck, some casinos require the waiter or waitress to pay a tax for each drink they order to take out to the casino floor.

If you order and leave your drink before it’s delivered, or don’t tip the server, you just cost them money. Many players don’t know it. So next time you order a free drink, please take care of the person serving you.

Tipping beforehand can be a smart move. You are letting the server that you are an appreciative customer. This will put the server in a good mood and is more likely to treat you well going forward.

Though, there is a lot of confusion about when and how appropriate it is to tip dealers and other casino staff. Tipping is a personal choice, there isn’t such thing as a ‘right’ percentage. However, there are some general rules – and some misconceptions that must be resolved.

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