September 16, 2019

The Most Popular Online Casino Table Games

The Most Popular Online Casino Table Games

Online Casino offers a long list of table games, all of your favorite table games in land-based, traditional casinos are also available in online casinos. Casino classic never goes out of style because people always love to play them. And aside from having fun, you can have a chance to win big jackpots.  

Here are the list of the most popular online casino table games:


Let start with online blackjack, it is one of the simplest and the most popular table games you can play in casinos. Everyone is dealt with two cards and can choose to either hit (get another card) or stand (end your turn). The aim is to beat a dealer’s hand without getting bust (over 21cards). You will be paid 1/1 for beating the dealer, or 3/2 for getting a blackjack ( an ace and any picture card).

Baccarat (Punto Blanco)

Often called a rich man’s game, baccarat can be played for low or high stakes. This card game has simple rules, you can bet on which hand you think will win, either player’s hand or dealer’s hand. You can also bet on tie, there is also a third card rule where an extra card will be dealt with depending on the initial card. The best hand that will closer to nine wins. However, if a hand reaches a card higher than 9, its value is subtracted by 10. For example, a hand of 6+7 would have a value of 3.

Three Card Poker

It is hugely popular in table games, three card poker may seem very lowkey but it is one of the best casino card games. After getting a chance to look at your card it is up to you to decide whether you will play or fold. Your strategy depends on the strength of your card, you need to think if your card will likely to beat the dealers. The best hands in three card poker are straight, three of a kind, and a straight flush. 


Among all casino table games, roulette is absolutely the most unique. Players can bet on where they think the ball will land onto the spinning wheel. It is easy to play and a pure game of chance. The safest bets in roulette are the outside bets like odd, even, red and black. Even though it only pays 1/1 but shows more often than straight wager.

Sic Bo

It is very popular with Asian players and a chance base table games. Players simply bet on the outcome of the three dice, the more rare the combination is the higher the payout. You will be paid for a single number by 1/1 and 180/1 if triple. 

Pai Gow Poker

It is based on the Asian Pai Gow tile game. It is one of a table poker which appears more often in casinos. Each player needs to defeat the banker, just like other table games. You will be dealt with seven cards at the start, your aim is to sort the seven cards into 5 card hand to 2 card hand. If you win against the dealer’s poker hand you will be paid with the corresponding amount. You can also choose auto-split which the computer will pick hands available for you. 


Last but not the least, is craps. It is an old table game that involves betting on the outcome of dice. You can place your bet on the outcome of two dice, you can choose stake and when to roll a dice. You can bet on the outcome paying 1/1 or 30/1. The riskier your bet the higher the payout.


When it comes to the most popular table games, many casinos have their own features. Most table games have an optimal strategy to maximize your chance of winning. So, just choose the game that can give you a lot of excitement.

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