November 1, 2019

Switzerland Introduces Digital Campaign To Fight Gambling Addiction

Switzerland Introduces Digital Campaign To Fight Gambling Addiction

An independent institution in Switzerland has unveiled a new digital campaign to combat gambling addiction. The campaign aims to spread more awareness, educate people and give them more information on how to prevent it.

Sucht Schweiz aims to inform Swiss people on the dangers of being addicted to gambling. It also encourages those who suffer from gambling addiction or are showing signs of being addicted to gambling to get the help they need without further delay. The program summarizes all the proper measures that should be taken to fight against the rise of gambling addiction in Switzerland. 

The campaign is known in German as Spielen ohne Sucht (SoS), which literally translates to “Gambling without Addiction”. Sucht Schweiz uses its website to run this campaign. It offers a helpline in both German and English language as well.

The main focus is on educating gamblers on what they can do to protect themselves better and how they can avoid falling into the typical traps that eventually lead to gambling addiction.

The campaign also explains to Swiss citizens how to gamble responsibly the same way they’d know how to drink responsibly. In addition to spreading educational information online in the form of videos, the SoS campaign also aims to inform gamblers and their loved ones about the different options they can take when dealing with potential gambling addiction problems.

Sucht Schweiz has deemed the SoS program as a necessity because a Swiss market survey revealed that almost 3% of the population is at risk of becoming gambling addicts or are already gambling addicts. This figure was collected from a survey commissioned by the Federal Gaming Commission in cooperation with the Swiss Lottery and Betting Board (Comlot).

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