January 15, 2020

Spelinspektionen to Ban Bets on Yellow Cards

Spelinspektionen to Ban Bets on Yellow Cards

The Spelinspektionen, Sweden’s gambling regulator, recently proposed an amendment to the country’s gaming laws. The proposed law would prohibit operators from offering odds on rule violations, such as a fault in tennis or a yellow card in football.

The draft regulations is focused on improving anti-match fixing controls by getting rid of any potential reward for athletes that perform certain acts for match fixing purposes. The draft regulations would ban betting incidents such as penalty kicks, disqualifications, cards, and other punishments that may be served to teams or players in the course of a game.

Camilla Rosenberg, Spelinspektionen director general, explained this would guarantee that fixers will not attempt to influence individual athletes.

This new restriction on betting markets is one of the three new rules that the regulator wants to introduce. The regulator also plans to ban betting which team or athlete will lose a match or tournament, as well as prohibit bets on individual performance of an athlete below 18 years of age.

“Spelinspektionen believes that this should be seen as a first step in the approach to counteract manipulation of


results through regulation,” the regulator said.

“This, together with other measures such as collaboration with the Match Fixing Council, the gaming companies’ own work on monitoring the manipulation of results and the sport [governing bodies’] own work to prevent and detect manipulation, will counteract match fixing,” it added.

The proposed new controls signify a significant climb-down from the regulator’s original plans. Spelinspektionen revealed that it had originally considered enforcing more extensive restrictions such as a directory of competitions and events that operators would be allowed to offer odds.

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