May 20, 2020

Spelinspektionen: online gambling in Sweden in decline due to Covid-19

Spelinspektionen: online gambling in Sweden in decline due to Covid-19

Sweden—online gambling rates in the country have witnessed a steady decline ever since the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) broke out. This data is based on new information from Sweden’s very own Gambling Authority, the Spelinspektionen.

According to the data, which was part of the Spelinspektionen’s series of monthly reports during the crisis, the overall betting and gaming turnover for March and April was 5.9% and 52% year-on-year respectively. This goes against January’s 21% turnover rates, and February, wherein a 9% increase was recorded.

The regulator did observe, however, that some of the comparability may be influenced by the fact that Sweden’s market only opened during the beginning of 2019.

The Spelinspektionen explained that although casino play increased, the decline in sports betting was huge enough to ensure that online betting and gaming in general went down by 6% for the year to date.

“Virtually all betting activities except horse racing ceased in the middle of March, when most major sporting events were cancelled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic,” the Spelinspektionen said. “An example of this is the turnover of two major gaming companies with a focus on betting decreased significantly by 40% and 51% in March 2020, compared to March 2019.”

The regulator went on to explain that some of the larger companies focused on online casino games fared a lot better. “As a whole, the category of online gaming and betting sales decreased by 6% in March 2020 compared to March 2019.”

The Spelinspektionen added, however, that 55% of online licensees reported growth in turnover for March, based on tax returns, whereas 58% did so in April.

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