October 9, 2020

Simplebet agrees to integrate its betting range with Intralot

Simplebet agrees to integrate its betting range with Intralot

Simplebet, a sports betting technology startup, has signed an agreement to integrate its proprietary Micro-Markets betting collection with Greek gambling company Intralot.

Simplebet’s technology utilizes automation and machine learning, giving operators a chance to offer bets on every moment of a sporting event. It is supported by a pricing engine that controls the market mechanics of each market and odds for each selection.

Initially, Simplebet’s integration into Intralot’s Orion sports betting platform will focus on the US market. Micro-Markets will be launched during the National Football League (NFL) season, and also for the Major League Baseball (MLB) post-season.

Micro-Markets for the National Basketball Association (NBA) will then be launched from the 2021 season, with Intralot making moves to expand the feature to other territories.

“The continuous enrichment of player expertise and the enablement of state organizations in contributing to good causes are key elements of our purpose as a company,” Chris Dimitriadis, Intralot Group chief executive, said.

“We do that organically and through partnerships with innovative companies. We are looking forward to working with Simplebet and diversifying our portfolio further,” he added.

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