May 12, 2021

Resolve finalize acquisition of Barrage Esports

Resolve finalize acquisition of Barrage Esports

Esports organization Resolve Esports has finalized the acquisition of fellow UK organization Barrage Esports.

With the acquisition and subsequent merger, Resolve will take controls of Barrage’s esports and business operations. Resolve also started discussions with Barrage’s current partners to consider the possibility of working together.

Resolve has paid an additional fee to make up for Barrage’s existing staff members who won’t be joining. A number of Barrage’s staff members will be continuing within the organization.

In honor of Barrage’s legacy, 50 limited edition Barrage/Resolve esports jerseys will be created, with 100% profit from the shirt sales going to Barrage’s charity partner, SpecialEffect. Resolve may also include Barrage’s branding in some of their future activities.

“It has always been our intention to compete at the highest level and he journey so far has been a brilliant one,” Ilias ‘Rai’ Pajoheshar, Resolve founder, said.

“When Barrage kindly presented us with this opportunity, we felt an obligation to ensure the UK continues to be represented and after careful consideration, we felt the timing was right.

“We would like to thank Barrage for their hard work and service to UK esports, and will honor their legacy,” he added.

Jeff Simpkins, who is retiring as Barrage Esports’ MD, also commented, saying:

“I reached out to Ilias and Resolve as I felt it was time to make a decision about Barrage’s and my own future in esports. I specifically reached out to Ilias as he is someone I have known for a couple of years now, who I have had a good rapport with and trust, as well as being wise beyond his years.

“I wanted to ensure that whatever decision was made, the history of Barrage was entrusted to people who would value it and be able to truly build upon it. I feel, from the discussions I’ve had with Ilias and the team at Resolve, that they will do that. From those discussions, several of the existing Barrage staff members will also be moving to Resolve whilst others will be moving to other places both in and outside of esports.

“To all those who have supported Barrage, have been part of our journey and specifically supported or helped guide myself over the years, thank you so much. It has been an absolute honor and I can’t properly encapsulate in so few words how much that has truly meant to me. I hope you will now give Resolve, Ilias and the team the same support that you have offered Barrage and myself as they now take over the mantle.

“This may technically be the end of Barrage’s journey, but part of it will always live on in Resolve.”

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