September 9, 2020

Prague to impose city-wide slot machine ban

Prague to impose city-wide slot machine ban

Prague, Czech Republic –Lawmakers in the capital city of Prague voted in favor of a new law that would impose a ban on all technical gambling games in the city, with the draft law scheduled to go in front of the City Council sometime this week.

The bill would make all mechanical, electronic, and electromechanical games illegal in Prague. This includes slot machines and video lottery terminals. However live gambling is allowed to continue.

Operators that currently run gambling machines within their properties in the city would be allowed to continue doing so until the end of the current licensing period, which is scheduled to end in 2024.

The Prague City Council will be voting on the draft decree on September 10.

Hana Kordová, Prague councilor, said that the main goal of the new law is to help address problem gambling in the capital, adding that electronic games are the most dangerous with regards to gambling addiction.

“The issue of regulating the operation of gambling is primarily a question of finding a balanced solution, responding to the development of legislation and modern gaming technologies,” Kordová Marvanová explained.

“On one hand, this leaves the citizen free to decide and do business, on the other hand reduces pathological phenomena associated with gambling.”

The legislation is the third of its kind to be introduced since 2007. The first one focused mainly on the places and times where gambling is allowed in Prague. Around 1,422 locations were approved for gambling, but this has been cut down to 101 official casino establishments.

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