April 5, 2020

Play ‘n Go Critizes Covid-19 Marketing

Play ‘n Go Critizes Covid-19 Marketing

Popular slots developer Play ‘n Go condemned several operators and affiliates for using its content and game imagery in relation to marketing campaigns exploiting the global novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

Although the developer did not name any of the parties involved, it explained that the campaigns in question were trying to encourage gamblers to multiply their gambling expenses and activities during the global pandemic.

But Play ‘n Go also noted that a great number of its customers have been offering its content in a “socially responsible manner.”

“Play’n Go strongly condemns anyone seeking to profit from the pandemic, and we ask that immediate steps are taken to discontinue any such activities and reserve the right to take additional measures to make sure this happens,” it added.

The developer’s announcement follows after several regulators and industry organizations introduced measures to help guarantee that operators marketing activities remain socially responsible all through the outbreak.

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