March 18, 2021

OneTouch release new arcade game Loot or Boot

OneTouch release new arcade game Loot or Boot

Mobile-first games developer OneTouch has rolled out its latest arcade-style title, Loot or Boot.

Played against the backdrop of a mysterious treasure map, players will definitely enjoy the fast-paced pirate theme and soundtrack. If they hesitate to hoist the mainsail, they may end up being forced to walk the plank.

The game caters to both new and experienced players alike by allowing them to choose their volatility level out of five categories between ‘easy’ and ‘nightmare’. Each of these levels bring a unique thematic symbol such as a treasure chest, skull-engraved coins, and a set of keys.

The release of Loot or Boot caps a highly successful 2020 for the developer, with them extending its commercial reach in regulated markets across Europe and Latin America ahead of a major product launch in its pipeline for early 2021.

“Players in the mood for a treasure hunt should climb aboard the pirate ship and gallantly set sail for the high seas in our thrilling new game, Loot or Boot,” Petra Maria Poola, OneTouch head of business development and operations, said.

“Customizable to the full spectrum of player experience levels, it’s the perfect option for operator partners looking to drive revenue, and we look forward to continuing to roll out premium mobile games in 2021,” she added.

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