December 26, 2019

NHS: People Receiving Treatment For Gambling-related Problems In UK Increases

NHS: People Receiving Treatment For Gambling-related Problems In UK Increases

Although both the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and the National Health Service (NHS) are doing their best to fight against problem gambling, the number of individuals getting treatment for gambling-related problems at hospitals is increasing.

According to reports, the number of gambling-related admissions to hospitals has currently reached more than one per day.

Based on the figures released by the NHS, there were 379 gambling-related admissions to hospitals in 2018-2019. This figure suggests a 28% increase in comparison to people being admitted for the same problem in 2015-2016. The individuals admitted were all diagnosed with “pathological” gambling addiction.

UK’s Gambling Addiction Problem

Gambling addiction has been a growing problem in the UK in recent years. The problem is especially more serious for children exposed to gambling through various mediums. According to statistics from the UK Gambling Commission early this year, the number of children at risk of gambling addiction went up four times in the past two years.

The UKGC also discovered that the number of children who can be classified as having gambling addiction is around 55,000. The Commission also reports that there are about 450,000 underage children who bet regularly.

The Royal Society for Public Health also published a study last week where it sought to ban loot boxes in video games claiming they are similar to gambling and is one of the major causes of gambling addiction among minors.

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