July 13, 2020

New Zealand: online gambling on the rise

New Zealand: online gambling on the rise

Gambling is gaining more and more popularity all around the world especially in New Zealand. Most countries have been introducing laws to regulate online gambling, except New Zealand. The country introduced gambling-related laws that have made online lottery games and sports betting legal. Although online casino gambling is not yet legalized in the country, it still comes as surprise that people remain free to bet online/

How is this possible? The answer lies simply in New Zealand’s gambling laws and loopholes. Players can easily gauge the authenticity of gambling sites by doing a simple search online.

New Zealand’s Gambling Laws

The country’s gambling laws were first introduced in 2003. The Gambling Act allowed the New Zealand Racing Board (NZRB) and the New Zealand Lottery Commission (NZLC) to gain authority on regulating the gambling industry. Any sportsbook or online lottery affiliated with both governing bodies is considered legal.

The law clearly emphasizes that New Zealand operators are not allowed to offer players in the country online casino games. But this doesn’t mention anything about remote gambling operators and offshore casinos. Such entities are beyond the jurisdiction of the NZRB and the NZLC, the gambling commission and also the Department of Internal Affairs.

New Zealand laws do allow and-based gambling and as a matter of fact, the country has a couple of casinos offering casino games. They are, however not allowed to offer remote gambling opportunities. It should also be noted that online bingo games and online poker are not allowed in the country.

Despite the inflexibilities of these laws, many New Zealanders still prefer to bet on games online. Because the law has loopholes that enable the services provided by offshore operators, New Zealanders frequent these foreign casinos.

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