January 15, 2020

Napoleon Sports & Casino Joins International Betting Integrity Association

Napoleon Sports & Casino Joins International Betting Integrity Association

Napoleon Sports  & Casino, a leading gambling and betting firm based in Belgium, is the latest to join the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA). The association is a known anti-corruption tool and monitoring safeguarding company established in 2005.

The IBIA, formerly known as ESSA, is a non-profit association that supports and protects gambling and betting companies from corruption.

IBIA CEO Khalid Ali was quoted saying, “I’m delighted that Napoleon Sports & Casino has joined IBIA, further demonstrating its commitment to protecting the integrity of betting products and sporting events. Regulators are increasingly requiring operators to have robust betting integrity measures in place.”

The IBIA CEO further explained the benefits of having an IBIA membership saying, “IBIA membership ensures that Napoleon Sports & Casino, as with all of our members, is well-placed to meet any integrity requirements in existing and emerging markets and able to reap the related commercial benefits from those markets.”

Meanwhile Napoleon Sports & Casino CEO, Francesco Postiglione, expressed his pleasure by saying, “We are committed to protecting our consumers and sports from corruption and to ensuring that our sports betting product meets the highest standards  of fairness and integrity. IBIA is the global standard-bearer for our sector and is recognized as such by major sports and regulators alike. We look forward to working closely with the association and to continuing to strengthen our internal customer and business protection protocols to identify and punish sports betting corruption.”

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