June 26, 2020

MGM and Caesars require masks for all customers in US

MGM and Caesars require masks for all customers in US

Caesar Entertainment and MGM Resorts International have both announced that they will be requiring customers to wear masks at all venues throughout the US to help limit the spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

Both land-based gaming giants had previously varied their rules on face masks for customers depending on regulations per state.

Although face masks were considered a necessity at gaming tables in Nevada and for anyone indoors in cases where physical distancing is not possible in Illinois, they were not required for customers in most other states.

Staff and employees at both operators’ casinos were already required to wear face masks.

But now, all customers at MGM and Caesars casinos will be required to wear face coverings too. The casinos will be providing masks for customers who need them.

The nationwide policy for each operator comes after Steve Sisolak, Nevada Governor, announced that residents and tourists are required to wear face masks in public, after Covid-19 cases in the state went up.

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