July 14, 2020

Masks mandatory in gaming establishments in Belgium

Masks mandatory in gaming establishments in Belgium

Belgium—the country’s Ministry of Security and the Interior recently passed a decree which made the wearing of masks in gambling venues compulsory.

According to the decree, a declining infection rate made it possible to ease social distancing measures, but because of the ongoing and ever-evolving nature of the situation, it remained necessary to adjust rules and processes.

This means that all citizens over the age of 12 are required to cover their noses and mouths in public spaces.

The new rules include venues such concert halls, places of worship, cinemas, shops, museums, and gambling venues such as casinos, betting shops, and gaming halls. Those who are caught disobeying the rules will face criminal charges.

Furthermore, all casinos and gaming halls must be closed from 1am and remain uninterrupted for at least five hours. They can operate from their normal opening times until 1 am, unless the local authority in a region where the venue is located requires it to close at an earlier time.

According to the decree, this will bring the opening protocols in line with the ones imposed for drinking establishments and restaurants, and to avoid “uncontrolled gatherings” at night.

Casinos and gaming halls in Belgium reopened in July 1 after being forced to close since March 18. Betting shops, on the other hand, reopened from June 8.

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