December 27, 2019

Macau starts casino ban for off-duty gaming staff

Macau starts casino ban for off-duty gaming staff

Macau officially implements its ban on gaming workers entering casino floors outside work hours today (Friday, December 27, 2019). The city’s Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) confirmed this in a statement on Thursday. The ban is expected to cover roughly 54,000 employees employed either by one of the city’s casino operators or one of the local licensed junket firms.

The ban covers staff members that are not directly involved with gaming operations, such as those working in public relations, and those working as cashiers, food and beverage outlet workers, cleaners, cage staff, and also those involved with surveillance operations. The specific job positions concerned are listed on the DICJ’s website.

The law regarding the ban on off-duty gaming workers being on gaming floors does not include requirements for the establishment of a database listing information of the individuals covered by it.

The gambling destination’s gaming regulator verified a fortnight agao that there wasn’t any intention to issue guidelines calling for the city’s casino operators to employ facial recognition technology to aid in ban’s enforcement.

The DICJ noted that it had carried out specific training for its gaming floor inspectors with regards to the new rules. The said officials would be in charge of inspecting whether the city’s casinos properly enforced the entry ban rules.  

The regulator added that it also had several consultation sessions with the casino operators in Macau, to explain the terms of the off-duty ban, and also to help operators train their employees better in compliance with the new rules.

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