February 3, 2021

Lottery.com sign partnership with Inball

Lottery.com sign partnership with Inball

Online platform Lottery.com has just signed a 30-year cooperation agreement with Turkish company Inball to provide select Lottery.com products in Turkey, physically and electronically.

The company plans on signing a definitive agreement for a business partnership with Trident Acquisitions Corp by mid-February 2021.

“Lottery.com has long had the goal to further our expansion, not only domestically but internationally. We believe Inball is going to be a great partner to introduce us to the Turkish market and we feel confident and grateful to be partnered with such a strong brand,” Tony Di Matteo, Lottery.com CEO, said.

“The expected business combination with Trident Acquisitions should provide Lottery.com with the necessary capital to support our international expansion,” he added.

Niyazi Mete, Inball and Mete Group CEO, also commented saying:

“We are very keen to launch this business in Turkey as soon as possible. We are working with officials to finalize legal approvals and to begin distribution of U.S. lottery products in Turkey.”

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