February 23, 2020

Live Fan Tan via SA Gaming: Betrnk Features

Live Fan Tan via SA Gaming: Betrnk Features

Being a local software provider, SA Gaming offers a wide spectrum of live gambling games that are highly popular all over the Asian market. One of those is Live Fan Tan, a casino gambling game originated in China way back at least 2000 years and first introduced in the western United States in the 19th era by Chinese Immigrant workers.

Fantan is a game of chance that uses neither dice or cards. However, with the growth of live casino setups, Fantan began to emerge and played in more intimate settings, people often use coins, beans, or buttons. In current versions of fan tan, the game is played with plastic wands and plastic beads, rather than a bamboo one.

What is SA Gaming Live Fan Tan?

SA Gaming Fantan is a version that sustains the traditional values of this Asian game that does not feature cards or dice. Rather, it is played with a pile of buttons estimated around 200, a metal bowl, and a bamboo stick. Though different props were used, the basis always stayed the same. It is quite popular in Macau casinos because of the simple rule of guessing how many buttons will remain at the end.

When you load the game the casino setting is as realistic as it can be, the table is designed with a box in the center and the betting area is labeled with numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4. An attractive dealer is always gorgeous and welcoming, the video can be expanded to full-screen mode, you can also track the statistics and road maps which can help you to make another plan.

How to Play SA Gaming Live Fan Tan Online?

The aim of this game is to predict the last remaining number of buttons between numbers from 1 to 4. Possible bets are Odd/Even, Nim, Fan, Kwok, Tong, Zheng, and Chun/Three Door. When the game starts, the dealer shakes the buttons inside the transparent box. She then placed a metal bowl on a pile of buttons and fetches a certain amount.

The players can place their bets within 30 seconds, once the betting has ended the dealer uses a bamboo stick to divide the buttons into four pieces, the last batch determines the outcome of the round, either 1, 2, 3, or 4 buttons. If there are no remaining buttons, it is treated as “extra 4”, in the event of a draw, then bets will be returned. 5% commission on the total winning amount will be deducted before payout.

Fantan Paytable

  • A single number bet pays 1:2.85
  • A bet on two numbers: if one bet is push and the other bet wins it pays 1:1.9
  • A bet on two numbers: Both numbers win it pays 1:0.95
  • A bet on three numbers: One is a push, it pays 2:0.95
  • A bet on three numbers, all of the bets win, it pays 3:0.95

SA Gaming aims to ensure that players have the best experience when playing their games. You can also enjoy Live Fan Tan on mobile devices and desktop which allows full-screen display, as well as SD and HD video quality.

Certainly, Fan Tan includes excellent gameplay with wondrous bets which will hugely boost your gaming experience. So get ready to reveal amazing prizes by setting your bets and clicking the play button.

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