February 12, 2020

Live Baccarat via SA Gaming: Betrnk Feature

Live Baccarat via SA Gaming: Betrnk Feature

Veteran online gaming provider, SA Gaming offering an extensive portfolio of gaming items varying from slots to multiplayer games and live dealer tables. Until recently, the developer expanded into HTML5 as well. The updated technology allows punters on both desktop and mobile devices the chance to access the games. 

All the live dealer games in the SA Gaming lobby are meant to appeal to the public. So here is one of their game that absolutely apprehend the heart of gamblers. The Live Baccarat. The choice of games under SA Gaming is quite reasonable. Aside from the classic version of the game, the developer also provides innovative setups and exceptional features to renew the gameplay and make it more appealing for the new generation of live casino gamblers.

What is Live Baccarat?

As you already know Baccarat is basically a game of chance, where everything depends on the cards that are dealt with and on your luck. Live Baccarat is dealt from an 8 decks of cards without the jokers. The game loads to a small video stream that occupies less than half of the screen. The rest of the interface is segmented into various areas. One of them is assigned to the betting section, one to road maps, one to real-time statistics and so on.

Speed and Squeeze Baccarat are also available, although it’s up to the operator whether or not they want to add these at their casino.

You can also communicate with the dealer through the Live Chat button, ask questions, submit comments, or simply chat to make the experience a social one.

How to Play Live Baccarat

Each player and dealer are getting two cards, sometimes the third card is needed too. The aim is to get a card that closest to the value of 9. The bets can be made between a 7-seat layout and a regular one. Standard bets are Player, Banker, and Tie. However, there are also Player Pair, Player Natural, Banker Pair, and Banker Natural.

Banker bets include a 5% commission unless the Super 6 bet optional bet is active. In that case, there is no Banker pays and commission even the odds. Cow Cow Baccarat optional bet is also offered, with a particular betting condition (the players balance must be 9 times the bet amount or higher.

Live Baccarat Paytable

  • Player: pays 1 to 1
  • Banker: pays 0.95 to 1 (less 5% commission)
  • Tie: Pays 8 to 1
  • Player / Banker natural: pays 7 to 2
  • Super 6: Pays 12 to 1 if a Banker winning value is 6
  • Player / Banker Pair: Pays 11 to 1

SA Gaming live games suite one of the prime choices for Asian players. The company has been constantly expanding through technology infrastructure upgrades, game development, and market expansion.

They come with pleasant croupiers and many helpful functions. Those bettors who find these features may experience SA Gaming Live Baccarat to the fullest, both on desktop and mobile devices.

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