February 17, 2020

Lightning Dice via Evolution Gaming: Betrnk Features

Lightning Dice via Evolution Gaming: Betrnk Features

Exclusively from Evolution Gaming, a unique, first of its kind, Lightning Dice has the freshest approach to live gaming. Merging one of the most ancient games of all time, dices, with the adrenaline and fast-paced entertainment of EG games.

What is Lightning Dice?

Lightning Dice is part of Evolution Gaming’s acclaimed Lightning brand. With an immersive live game, welcoming a classy, elegant setting with superb gameplay. The host is funny, witty, and entertaining that will guide you during the entire experience, making it instantly engaging with frequent interactions, information, and comments.

Its concept is straightforward, the game can cater to unlimited players, who simply need to bet on the sum of three dice that are released into the Lightning Tower, an elegant maze-like sections. The main feature is the lightning strike which can electrify several numbers and random multipliers once the betting time is complete.

How to Play Lightning Dice?

Lightning Dice is played with three regular dice with a face value ranging from 1 to 6. The game aims to predict the total outcome of a roll of three dices, by placing your bet on any number between, 3 to 18. The host dealer will then pull a lever to release three dice into the Lightning Tower once the betting time is ended. The dice will then fall onto a tray and the presenter will announce the winning number. However, you can also place a bet on all spots available by clicking the “Bet On All Button”.

The random lightning dice multipliers add lots of excitement to the simple concept. When the betting time ended, lightning will strike one or even several Lightning Numbers. The numbers struck by lightning will have a multiplier ranging from 50x up to 1,000x.

Lightning Dice Payout

If you have correctly predicted the total outcome of all the dice, you will win a reward. You can win standard payout plus there is a chance that there will be a Lightning Strike that will allow the multiplier to reach 1000x!

  • 3 or 18: standard payout 150x and Lightning Strike Multiplier 1000x
  • 4 or 17: standard payout 50x and Lightning Strike Multiplier 500x
  • 5 or 16: standard payout 25x and Lightning Strike Multiplier 250x
  • 6 or 15: standard 1 payout 15x and Lightning Strike Multiplier 100x
  • 7 or 14: standard payout 10x and Lightning Strike Multiplier 100x
  • 8 or 13: standard payout 7x and Lightning Strike Multiplier 49x
  • 9 or 12: standard payout 6x and Lightning Strike Multiplier 49x
  • 10 or 11: standard payout 5x and Lightning Strike Multiplier 49x

You must know that Lightning Dice is all about the strength of lightning. There is no particular strategy to play. So we suggest playing around the diverse spots, sticking to the center if you are a safe player, and want to have enjoyment.

We also like to remind you that you further play responsibly, only wage money you can afford to lose. Lightning Dice is a highly engaging game that offers big rewards. However, be aware of your balance.

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