January 26, 2021

LeanConvert sign partnership agreement with Betsson Group

LeanConvert sign partnership agreement with Betsson Group

Analytics and engineering company LeanConvert has just signed a partnership agreement with Betsson Group. Under the deal, the tier-one operator will take a huge step towards investing in the sustainability of their business for the future.

Known for helping drive website optimization and impressive ROI to some of the world’s biggest brands in the gaming and gambling sector, LeanConvert will be using their creative approach to multivariate testing in order to change Betsson’s conversion rate optimization services. This is together with reviewing the overall strategic approach of the iGaming operator.

The company’s unique application of its Lean Methodology lets their clients to do more using fewer resources. This is a goal that has proven to be quite useful to many during the current Covid-19 pandemic as companies adjust to and move along their digital transformation pathways.

LeanConvert is completely platform agnostic, which means they have all-inclusive expertise with all available software vendors on the market. This enables a fully conceptualized build and the use of customized solutions which are well-suited for a company’s requirements.

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