March 17, 2021

Kindred offers Gamban software to US customers

Kindred offers Gamban software to US customers

Kindred Group, Unibet’s parent company, has just signed an agreement with UK-based gambling software provider Gamban. This agreement will allow Kindred to provide US-based Unibet customers with Gamban’s gambling blocking software.

The software works as an online gambling self-exclusion tool, blocking all access to any gambling site on individual devices.

“Unibet today offers customers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Indiana a safe and exciting gambling experience, and has applied for licenses in Illinois and Iowa. It has always been our ambition to bring our European know-how and expertise in Responsible Gambling to the US and our long-standing successful partnership with Gamban perfectly aligns with this ambition, as well as our journey towards zero revenue from harmful gambling in 2023,” Maris Catania, Kindred Group Head of Responsible Gambling and Research, said.

“We are proud to be the very first operator in the US to offer inter-state protection to our customers and we strongly believe this will be an important step for the industry,” she added.

Jack Symons, Gamban co-founder, also commented saying:

“We’re incredibly excited to partner with Unibet and offer our blocking software in the US—it’s a huge step forward for the industry. There’s no regulatory pressure for gambling operators to offer blocking software, so it’s fantastic Unibet is taking it upon itself to offer increased protection for its customers in the US and on a global scale. This highlights the evolution of the industry in recognizing how products like ours can protect their players and the sustainability of their companies, as well as the wider industry.”

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