March 4, 2021

Kambi sign multi-year partnership extension with Belgium’s Napoleon Sports

Kambi sign multi-year partnership extension with Belgium’s Napoleon Sports

Sports betting supplier Kambi Group has extended its partnership with Belgian operator Napoleon Sports & Casino.

This multi-year partnership that began in 2012, will have Kambi continue providing Napoleon with its suite of online and retail sports betting products.

The supply agreement includes Napoleons instant betting offer, differentiation levers, and bonus toolbox capability across certain elements, such as front-end solutions and odds.

“Kambi’s sports betting offering has been a core part of our success in recent years, with a high-performance sportsbook being a vital part of attracting and retaining customers in such a competitive market,” Tim de Borle, Napoleon’s Chief Executive, said.

“Kambi’s technological superiority, alongside a broad range of empowerment tools that enable us to set our sportsbook apart, have given us the edge to outperform our competitors in order to become a leader in the Belgian market,” he added.

Kristian Nylén, Kambi’s co-founder and chief executive, also commented saying:

“Napoleon has taken full advantage of the powerful sportsbook core and comprehensive differentiation capabilities Kambi offers to become a market leader in Belgium, and it is excellent to have secured this vote of confidence and continue this successful partnership for years to come.”

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