December 22, 2020

iMovo Limited moves into the Portuguese market

iMovo Limited moves into the Portuguese market

iMovo Limited, a digitalization and CX solution provider, announced the establishment of its presence in Portugal.

With this investment, the company will be able to develop and strengthen its international business segment even further. Before this new venture, around a third of iMovo’s revenue came from its wide-ranging and high-profile customer base within the UK, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Cyprus and the Middle East.

This venture will enable iMovo to achieve one of its major goals—to be a strong international player in its field of expertise.

iMovo is a specialized solution provider and advisory firm focused on improving customer experience and digitalization space. It enjoys good working relationships with several leaders in these fields including Salesforce, Qlik, Zendesk, Tableau, UiPath, Snowflake, Talend, and Microsoft. Its customers range from igaming operators, blue chip retailers to banks, manufacturers, distributors and financial service companies among others.

“Internationalization has been on the company agenda since day one, when we first started up some 10 years ago. Though I have to admit we could not have imagined that we’d be engaging with the kind of customers we do today. We are thrilled to be entering the Portuguese market and to be working in partnership with some really interesting companies there, about which we’ll make some announcements later on,” Pierre Mallia, Managing Director of iMovo Limited, said.

“In the face of the global pandemic the world is faced with, this venture clearly sends the signalthat iMovo is a serious player and willing to reach out to new markets, rather than playing defence and going into cost-cutting mode,” he added.

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