October 28, 2019

Holland Casino Partners With Selligent To Provide Better Customer Experience

Holland Casino Partners With Selligent To Provide Better Customer Experience

Dutch gambling monopoly Holland Casino has joined together with Selligent Marketing Cloud, a global B2C marketing automation firm, in hopes of improving customer experience and engagement.

The gambling operator had been busy delivering personalized services to its customers and had been searching for a platform that enables them to push their efforts in bringing quality customer service.

“Casinos often have a diverse customer base who enjoy a variety of unique experiences. There is a constant opportunity to better understand their needs to take visits to another level,” says John Hernandez, Selligent Marketing Cloud CEO.

“With Selligent Marketing Cloud, Holland Casino can tap into individual tastes to build highly personalized entertainment experiences that keep their guests coming back,” he added.

On the other hand, Bjørn de Boer, product marketing technology director at Holland Casino says that “Holland Casino is focused on delivering tailored experiences to increase engagement and loyalty with our customers.”

“It was important that we select a marketing technology partner with a robust, flexible and secure platform that would allow us to deliver personalized offers even while guests are already on-site,” he added.

Boer also praised Selligent Marketing saying it was the clear choice because of its engagement capabilities and established experience with privacy regulations. He goes on to say that Selligent offers “a true understanding of both our marketing and security needs.”

The Dutch government canceled its plans to privatize Holland Casino in May this year. Although the government had plans to privatize the casino the Senate voted against it, denying the government the support it needs to push through with its plan.

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