March 25, 2020

GameScoreKeeper Launches New Service: Age Verification Tool

GameScoreKeeper Launches New Service: Age Verification Tool

e-Sports betting provider GameScoreKeeper, recently launched a new service that would enable operators to lower the chances of taking bets on events where majority of the participants are underaged.

The Player Age Service is based on a list documenting the age of the e-sports athletes. It’s linked to the player’s team and allows operators to deny access to athletes or teams under 18 years of age.

This service can be utilized to manually or automatically terminate bets on such events. GameScoreKeeper believes this will help operators abide by local and regional regulations.

Spain and Sweden have both introduced laws that prohibit betting on players under 18 years of age, or on teams where most players are below 18 years old.

“In football, it’s relatively easy to pinpoint most under-18 teams, but in e-Sports, many teams field a mix of under-18 and over-18 athletes, which has made our clients increasingly interested in a service that makes the athletes’ age transparent and actionable,” Felix Klastrup, GameScoreKeeper founder and chief executive, said.

“The betting industry will go a long way to ensure compliance and with this service it’s relatively easy for them,” he added.

Betway is the first online gambling operator to operate using the new solution, with Adam Savinson, head of e-Sports, explaining that the solution will help guarantee that the business is operating in compliance with regulations.

“We are committed to providing the widest selection of markets on e-Sports while at the same time ensuring all bets live up to our strict responsible policies and comply with regulations on athletes’ age,” Savinson said. “The Player Age Service from GameScoreKeeper ensures that we can maintain this efficiently,” he added.

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