September 16, 2019

Five Types of People You Meet in Casino: Player Profiling

Five Types of People You Meet in Casino: Player Profiling

People are unique. But you’d be surprised that people inside the casino are far more diverse and colourful. Casinos hold a diverse crowd with many different personalities from all walks of life.

Consider a casino a movie, and listed hereunder are the cast of characters you are likely to meet inside it.

The Young Blood

The casino virgin, the first-timer, the excited new player, the newbie – they go in different sorts of names. Usually, this person could be in his late 20’s or early 30’s. These are the brand new casino players who are very fun to watch and interact with. They are super friendly and are polite to casino staff. Because they haven’t got the hang of casino ins and outs, they have the tendency to ask questions before they place their bets.

Ever heard about beginner’s luck? Often these players have devilish luck. Science can’t explain these phenomena, but these players earn big winnings even without understanding the rules. They place illogical and uncalled bets but they win regardless. (lucky bastards…HAHAHA, okay I’ll stop here)

The Old Dog

Usually, this guy is in his early 4o’s or 50’s. Old dogs know the magician’s tricks, come across as cocky, and they ruin the fun for other players because at the end of the day – they are the only people who know how to get things done.

The Professional Gambler

It’s easy to spot these kind of players through their exceptional skills and huge winnings. They are reasonable, calm, and make sensible decisions.

Contrary to popular belief, the players belonging to this category cannot be called gambling addicts because they make their living by betting. Since these players have mastered the strategies of the games through years of experience, they don’t rely on luck. Each card being dealt, roulette spun, and dice rolled out is based on calculated moves. Because of this, they are considered kings of their forte.

The Compulsive Gambler

Compulsive gamblers have this uncontrollable urge to wager and intense need to win. Their desperation to win big often gets them in trouble. To have a clear grasp of what I am talking about, consider this scenario:

He starts by trying his luck into table games. He loses, so he tries the slot, and gambles all his money away, including his needs cash. As a result, he realizes that he lost his money in just one night, but there is no stopping him. And so the cycle continues. He either makes cash advance from his credit card, loans money from friends or loan sharks just to feed his compulsion to gamble. He goes to the casino again to chase what he has lost.

The Casino Employees

These include waitresses, bartenders, bounders, guards – basically all the workers hired by the casino. Foremost, they are hired to operate and facilitate casino games. They have seen it all – both ugly and pretty side of the world of casino. They know the player’s styles and quirks, and may even call them by their first names.

As the saying goes, “Play the man, not the game.” Knowing the different types of casino players is almost as important as knowing the game rules.  Now that you know what types of casino players exist, which one are you?

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