July 1, 2020

DraftKings extend partnership with Stats Perform

DraftKings extend partnership with Stats Perform

DraftKings has just signed an extended partnership agreement with data provider Stats Perform for its live fantasy and daily fantasy sports products.

Under the agreement, which began since 2012, DraftKings will utilize Stats Perform’s live data feeds for major US leagues such as the National Basketball Association (USA) and National Hockey League (NHL), college football, men’s college basketball, and majority of the leading soccer leagues.

According to Stats Perform, the wide range of competitions offered would enable DraftKings to expand its daily fantasy sports contests into more sports and leagues.

“DraftKings has become a premier destination for skin-in-the game sports fans,” Ezra Kucharz, DraftKings chief business officer, said. “Our growing list of DFS games are extremely popular and require fast and accurate data for fans who are following along to games in real-time,” he added.

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