October 7, 2019

Different Types of Casino Slot Players

Different Types of Casino Slot Players

Slot players are known to be fun-seekers who continually want new, innovative content, a wish that can surely be granted as there are numerous online slots available all over the internet.

However, every slot player is different. Do you want to know what kind of slot player you are? Perhaps our list will help you distinguish yourself.

Lone Wolves

Every slot players can fall into this kind, though, if you are enjoying playing online slots because you get to spend some time with yourself, then this is the kind of player you are.

Introverted, quiet or just don’t want to talk with other people around you, your gambling time is your pastime and nothing more. If you win that jackpot then hooray! But, if not then you are ready to pack up and leave. The important is you had some time to yourself.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Not everyone has self-discipline, knowing when to stop is very important. If you are the kind of slot player who likes the excitement of spinning the reels so much that they are always telling themselves “another spin and I’m over” and a lot of spins has passed, you are still there pressing the spin button again. Then this is your kind.

But, if you feel like the fun’s slowly disappearing and you still can’t leave, share your worries with the people close to you. So they can be the ones to tell you “no” when you can’t. Just be honest to yourself, analyze the situation, and be aware of the outcome.

Zen Master

These are the players who gamble for a specific time, they usually have a clear goal in mind and keep spinning the reels until they win big. Zen masters are patient players who have limits they will cash out, or walk away if they drop too low.

They never hesitate from their path, remaining constant on their way with a positive zeal even in the heat of the moment.

The Watchmen

These are the players who sneak around the slots, patiently waiting for someone to load up a machine and then swoop in just before they pay out to claim the winnings.

This is more complicated to do online, but with progressive jackpot slots, those who watch the numerous jackpot and only start to play once it has reached a certain level convinced that it will trigger for them.

There is a clear logic to this, as statisticians can look at how often a progressive pays out and work out a strict standard to calculate when it is best to bet. It may take a lot of watching.

Patient Goal-getters

The patient goal-getter is determined, focused, and more than ready for that big win sneaking just after the next spin. This kind has a definite aim and will stop at nothing to get there.

Have you ever spend a whole night spinning the reels of your favorite online slot, thinking that the winning combo is just several spins away? You are the kind that knows how to have fun and does not give up easily. You might acknowledge yourself as a full-time professional slot player. Congrats!

What kind of Slot Player are you? Have you found yourself among the type of slot players mentioned above? Analyze if you can work out which of these personality fits you.

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