November 18, 2020

DICJ looking into legalizing online gambling in Macau

DICJ looking into legalizing online gambling in Macau

The Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau or DICJ just announced that they are currently considering legalizing online gambling. However, they voiced out concerns over its potential use for money laundering.

Adrian Ho, DICJ director, confirmed in a written response to the legislator Jose Pereira Coutinho, that the study was ongoing. Coutinho had asked about online gaming as an opportunity to increase tax revenue whilst travel restrictions are currently in place.

According to Ho, legalizing online gambling could potentially increase gaming revenues but that there were issues about with its risk for money laundering and problem gambling.  The DICJ director added that the government had to perform “careful studies, which are still on-going.”

The DICJ is also open to proposals from legislators and ordinary citizens on how to improve the sector. Ho is optimistic about a decrease in complaints related to illegal gambling sites and mobile apps after it ramped up its prevention and awareness efforts.

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