April 7, 2020

Denmark Charity Lotteries Instructed to Highlight Credentials

Denmark Charity Lotteries Instructed to Highlight Credentials

Denmark has required all non-profit lottery operators in the country to use the labeling scheme of the Spillemyndigheden, the country’s Gambling Authority, when it comes to organizing and marketing their games.

Starting from April 1, operators must display their license status, using the regulator’s logo, at the entrance points of sale and on any other relevant material.

But the Spillemyndigheden symbols are not required to show up on lottery tickets.

According to the regulator, such measures would ensure players were aware they gambling through a licensed provider.

“The brand must be easily visible to the participant, and the organizer must at all times use the latest published version of the logo provided by the Gambling Authority,” the Spillemyndigheden explained.

“Please note that the brand must not be changed in design, proportions or colors. In addition, the mark must not be used in a way that gives the impression that the Gambling Authority is a co-organizer or sponsor of the non-profit lottery,” it added.

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