October 2, 2020

Danske Spil start releasing player ID cards

Danske Spil start releasing player ID cards

Danske Spil, Denmark’s national lottery, has started to roll-out new player ID cards, which means all land-based sports betting organized by the state-owned operator will be effectively shifted to account-based play.

All players will be required to present the new ID card, named Sikkert Spil (or Safe Play), in the 2,700 retail locations that sell Danske Spil’s Tips or Oddsets betting products.

The card will be launched across supermarkets, kiosks, petrol stations, and any retail venues where Danske Spill products are sold in the country during October.

Starting October 31, customers must verify their identity by showing their Sikkert Spil ID, either through a physical card or a mobile app.

Initially announced in November 2019, the launch of the new ID cards is aimed towards preventing money laundering and especially underage gambling in the operator’s retail estate.

“Over the years, we have developed more and more measures to ensure that children and young people under the age of 18 do not have access to our sports betting products,” Niels Erik Folmann, Danske Licens Spil’s director, said.

“But we must unfortunately admit that we have not fully succeeded in the task. It is still too easy for minors to play in the shops, and therefore we are now introducing Sikkert Spil,” he added.

Folmann confessed that it will probably take a while to to get used to the new player card but added that the operator worked hard to develop a quick and easy solution that also helped put an end to underage play.

Folmann added that this would also give Danske Spil more oversight of cashflows, betting patterns, and transactions, helping to put an end to attempted match-fixing and money laundering across its retail network.

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