August 25, 2020

Danske Spil and DBU work together against underage gambling

Danske Spil and DBU work together against underage gambling

Denmark—Danske Spil, the country’s former gambling monopoly, will be collaborating with Denmark’s football association (DBU) on a new campaign that will highlight the operator’s efforts to fighting against underage gambling.

The partnership comes ahead of Danske Spil’s Sikkert Spil (Safe Play) campaign, which comes before the introduction of a new player card on October.

The Spil-ID card, initialy announced in November last year, must be shown by all players before they can purchase gambling products at retail locations like supermarkets or kiosks. Once it comes into effect, it must be shown by all players, regardless of age before they can gamble.

“Gambling is for adults, and not for children,” Niels Erik Folmann, the operator’s betting and gaming division Danske Licens Spil’s director, said. “For many years we have been working to ensure that no children or young people play products such as Oddset or place bets in shops.”

“But despite the fact that we, together our retailers, have put a lot of effort into this, we must unfortunately admit that we have not been able to fully prevent minors from gambling,” Folmann explained. “As a consequence, we are now requiring everyone to obtain a personal Spil-ID [card] if they want to play with us.”

According to Danske Spil, this additional age verification process is necessary based on a study from Denmark’s National Center for Welfare Research and Analysis (VIVE). The study revealed that 40% of 12 to17 year-olds claimed to have attempted to gamble in some form, and that 27% of 15-17% year-olds gamble regularly every month. The study also discovered that those who gambled unsustainably often bet on sports.

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