December 29, 2020

Cyber Attacks Against Online Gambling & Gaming Sites Rises in time of COVID-19

Cyber Attacks Against Online Gambling & Gaming Sites Rises in time of COVID-19

This year there have been more cyber-attacks against gambling and the gaming industry in general. In most cases, this is a DDoS attack. As stated by Nexusguard, a cybersecurity company, in its latest quarterly report, a total of 76.92% of all reported DDoS attacks were aimed against the gambling and gaming industry in the third quarter of 2020.

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial-of-Service and is one of the most common and “simplest” forms of cyberattacks. In a DDoS attack, the attacker purposely overloads the selected servers to somewhat or completely take them down. Practically anyone can hire a so-called DDoS service for a modest fee to carry out an attack on the server.

Compared to the same period last year, there were 287% more DDoS attacks in both sectors. With 45.18% of all attacks, the online gaming industry is even more affected than gambling.

Game servers Nitrado and crashed the most with 54,571 and 51,815 attacks, respectively. Blizzard Entertainment ranks third with 13,301 attacks. Electronic Arts (3,306), Valve Corporation (2,701), Ubisoft Entertainment (1,889), and Riot Games, Inc. (129) would have experienced fewer attacks.

Most of the attacks came from the active players themselves. Nexusguard explains that most DDoS attacks in online games come from players who are willing to do whatever it takes to win. The DDoS service is widely used to launch attacks to disrupt the game and thus win over opponents.

Due to the spike in participation in games worldwide as a result of the coronavirus emergency, servers appear to be particularly vulnerable to attacks. This type of DDoS attack is relatively new to the gaming industry. There have been more attacks in the online gambling world in recent years. Hence, the gaming industry seemed to be bracing for this situation.

It has a dedicated infrastructure, security tools, and advanced encryption to prevent DDoS attacks. In the event of an attack, the gambling providers will have thousands of domains, including undetected VIP domains, that they can use.

However, little attention has been paid to cyberattacks on the gaming industry. Hence, Nexusguard recommends that the industry is better prepared for these attacks.

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