December 22, 2021

Crypto Millions Lotto launch four new lottery games in India

Crypto Millions Lotto launch four new lottery games in India

Global lottery platform Crypto Millions Lotto has just announced that it will be launching four new lottery games on its website, Two of the new game offers are India-based games (India Millions Lotto and India Fantasy 5), and the other two are US-based games (Powerball+ and Mega Millions+). These games offer the biggest jackpots ever in the world.

Now, not only the Europeans and Americans get to enjoy the excitement of playing for huge cash prizes, but people from 180 countries, including Brazil, India, Japan, and Korea will be able to play as well. Players from these countries will also be able to livestream the draws so they can experience all the action live. Prizes are expected to reach over one billion dollars.

Although Crypto Millions Lotto offers games that are played using the same numbers as those from the underlying lottery, there are a few exciting major differences. First is that all jackpots on Crypto Millions Lotto are guaranteed to be bigger, second is that all games are played using the world’s biggest digital currency, bitcoin, and third is that players can also win through referring friends.

The Refer-a-Friend program pays players every time a friend they referred the game to purchases a ticket—in bitcoin of course. If you get lucky enough to have winning numbers, you’ll get a share of their winnings too. This bonus payment is not taken from the jackpot, but rather paid in addition to it.

Crypto Millions Lotto offers a wide range of instant wins, live dealer and casino games. The most recent games offered include Teen Patti and Andar Bahar.

“Our mission is simple. We want to give everyone the chance to play for the world’s biggest jackpots. With access to 12 of the world’s best-known lotteries, we offer an unrivalled experience—something for everyone,” Sulim Malook, Crypto Millions Lotto CEO, said.

“And as our lotteries are played using bitcoin, they’re double the fun, combining the thrill of huge payouts with the excitement of winning bitcoin. For those who don’t currently hold bitcoin, that’s no problem, you can get it directly on our website. It’s simple, quick and easy, and we guarantee we’ll convert it at a better rate that anywhere else,” he added.

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