October 28, 2019

Common Mistakes at Poker

Common Mistakes at Poker

When you start playing poker, you want to focus on enjoying yourself and getting familiar with how to play the game. However, if your goal is to win money from playing, then you’ll need to spend lots of time learning about strategy and other features of the game.

There are several things you can do to make sure you are on the right track. But there are also lots of things that you really should not do. Below we explain some of the common mistakes at the poker table.

Starting with a sub-standard hand

In poker, you have to start as you mean to go on, always have a reason to play a hand and not just ‘luck’. Use good starting hand choice, do not make the simple poker mistake of starting on the wrong hand. If you start a pot with a bad hand, you should expect to see bad results.

Cold Calling Raises

It is the act of calling more than one player’s raise at once. If one player raises and then another re-raises and you just call, you are cold calling. Usually, if your holding is not worthy of a re-raise it should be dropped. To consider the act of calling is the least selection of possible actions. Discipline and patience should be applied as it will lead to selective aggression which in turn should change to profits.

Playing Too Many Hands

It isn’t the most common mistakes, but also the easier to make. Poker may seem a little tiresome if you feel like you are folding all the time and it can be very tempting to make a lot of pre-flop calls just so you’re getting into the game. The problem with this is that you will lose a lot of chips when you make those calls and then have to fold anyway when you don’t hit the flop. You need to be careful about which hands to play.

Giving your opponent odds to play on

Do not be hesitant to bet fully, if you have the best hand. Make big bets when needed, and stop giving opponents the right odds to call and win the pot.

Bluffing too much

Making a success bluff is one of the greatest feelings in poker. However, players get carried away at the thought of this happening and end up bluffing too often. There is nothing wrong with trying to bluff your opponents now and then. Certainly, it should be part of your game strategy but you need to be careful about how often you do it.

Getting Emotional

Playing poker can bring you lots of mixed emotions and some of these can have a negative result on your playing. Even when you are playing just for fun and not worried about either you win or lose. There are times when you get upset and frustrated if things just aren’t going your way. Once this happens, you will end up losing lots of money than you otherwise have.

Math and Odds

If you want to play poker, you must know math and probability is a must. Most poker players know the standard odds of painting hands like flushes and straights and if you don’t, take this as a wake-up call to search for information and analyze.

Remember that poker is a number game, and the bigger the edge you can make out of each hand, the bigger chances of winning the pot. Just make sure you don’t let these common mistakes jump into your game.

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