November 1, 2019

Colorado voters to decide If The State Should Legalize Gambling on Sports

Colorado voters to decide If The State Should Legalize Gambling on Sports

Denver, Colorado –Colorado voters are currently deciding whether to make sports betting legal or not in their state.

Colorado is set to become the 12th state to legalize sports betting if voters say yes. Currently, Nevada, New York, New Mexico, Oregon, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Delaware, and New Jersey are the only states that allow sports betting. A total of 42 states nationwide have or are currently seriously considering making sports betting legal.

The ballot language predicts that if approved, Proposition DD will generate roughly $290 million in profit to the state’s casinos from sports bettors. This means sports bettors in the states would lose $290 million in bets and that loss would translate to $29 million produced each year for the state’s water fund.

While voters are still deciding whether to vote yes or no, there are many perspectives coming from high profile individuals to politicians. Even those who oppose the proposition have some things to say on this matter as well.

Offshore Gambling Already Making Money From Colorado Residents

House Majority Leader Alec Garnett, one of the driving forces working to get the proposition before voters said, “We know there is a robust market, we know people are already betting across the state through offshore apps right now.”

“Other states are doing it. This is a no-brainer. Let’s come together, let’s figure it out,” he added

The House Majority Leader concluded that they think they have come out with the right fit for Colorado.

James Eklund, former Director of the Colorado Water Conservation Board, on the other hand, says “It couldn’t be overstated how important this is for Colorado,”

If voters say YES, Proposition DD will help provide the necessary funds for the state’s recently approved water plan.

“Proposition DD puts some money in the place that is should be,” Eklund added.

Eklund is a staunch supporter of the proposition. He admits that the revenue earned from Proposition DD, once approved, will NOT completely fund the state’s water plan.

“It won’t solve by itself. It is not a silver bullet. I would be lying to you if I sat here and said it was. It’s incredibly important that we do this, that we enact proposition DD, but reality it’s you could call it, the proverbial ‘drop in the bucket,’ Eklund said.

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