January 12, 2021

CoinsLoot Introduces World’s First Crypto Loot Boxes

CoinsLoot Introduces World’s First Crypto Loot Boxes

CoinsLoot, a crypto platform offering gamers, investors, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts several benefits, has launched the world’s first crypto loot box.

For the first time, users can obtain Loot Boxes with ERC-20 tokens to show a secret selection of cryptocurrencies and big rewards like the Tesla Model X. The boxes use a provably fair algorithm to ensure safety and fair results. Anyone can purchase the IEO and bet them to win a prize for every Loot Box transaction. 

Crypto Loot Boxes Offer

The CoinsLoot cryptocurrency Loot Boxes provides a much easier way for the average crypto enthusiast to own an instant crypto portfolio and spend on real goods and services. Each CoinsLoot crypto box contains a no-loss guarantee, multiple cryptocurrencies, and covers up to 10% free cryptocurrency.

The cost of each Loot Box is determined by the value of the ERC-20 token used to reveal the box. But what if a user purchases Bitcoin Loot Box and doesn’t like the rewards in it? Well, CoinsLoot Box uses a spin mechanism that shows a prize in the form of a card. If users get a gift they don’t like, they get a new spin and a chance to get a different prize.

Loot Boxes offers its users virtual items such as skins, weapons, and numerous other mods. With EA and Activision generating more than $1 billion per quarter, it’s easy to understand the market potential. In comparison, CoinsLoot Boxes offers a lot more, with spendable cryptocurrency, bonuses, and real prizes in each one.

In addition to the benefits of receiving a spendable currency, CoinsLoot transparency guaranteed returns, and rewards thanks to the CoinsLoot’s provably fair algorithm stand out from the major players. Given the reliability of some loot boxes on the market, perhaps this more trustworthy and transparent approach could offer a tremendous benefit to a market predicted to hit the hundred billion mark in the coming years.

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