September 10, 2019

Can You Win Real Money From Playing Blackjack Online?

Can You Win Real Money From Playing Blackjack Online?

A lot of people wonder if they can really make real money from playing blackjack online. The short (and simplest) answer to this is YES, you can. However, winning real money depends largely on how you play the game.

How You Can Win Real Money From Online Blackjack

There’s really not a lot of difference between winning money from playing blackjack at a live casino or from an online casino. Both platforms use the same methods of placing bets. Online blackjack is played exactly the same way you would play it in a live casino. All the basics are the same except for the process, which we will be discussing further on in this article.

Online Blackjack

With online blackjack, you start by creating an account and making a real money deposit. You use this money for playing blackjack and other games the casino offers (such as baccarat, slots, roulette, and more!). Online casinos mostly accept credit cards and debit cards as a form of deposit. But recently, some casinos have started accepting cryptocurrency, like bitcoin, as payment too! A lot of players prefer cryptocurrency as it gives them more privacy.

Most online casinos offer a bonus the first time you make a real money deposit into your account. In fact, most casinos will match the player’s opening deposit by 100% or more. This free money can be used to play blackjack and win (potentially). This offer is something you don’t get from live casinos that often!

After making your initial online casino deposit, you can start betting on the games as you see fit. Once you’ve made a profit or won real money, you can request for a withdrawal. Then the online casino will send money to your preferred withdrawal method. You can choose between having the money sent back to the card you used to deposit, or you can also have it sent back to your bank. In the case of cryptocurrency, like bitcoin, you can withdraw it to your bitcoin wallet.

Winning Real Money At Online Blackjack is Possible!

So can you really win real money from playing online blackjack? YES! But before you register and create an account with the online casino of your choice, there are a couple of important things you need to understand.

Winning Money at Online Blackjack Takes Patience…

A lot of people think that they can become instant millionaires by playing online blackjack. While this can be possible for those playing with a very large bankroll, the truth is, your wins will be smaller. It might take a long time before you win that online blackjack money you want. You’ll need to have a lot of patience.

You’ll go through periods of inevitable cold streaks, and as a blackjack player, you must be willing to sit through it all. This can be hard sometimes, and you could end up feeling frustrated after losing hand after hand even though you’re making all the right plays. But if you are patient enough and do not deviate from good blackjack strategy, you’ll see yourself getting wins in no time.

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of online blackjack players make is that they are always in a hurry to win. This leads them to take more sessions than they should be playing. If you experience this, you should take a break and return to the game once you’ve completely recharged. This is easy to do in the case of online blackjack since you can access blackjack games for real money at any time of the day.

Win Money At Online Blackjack with These Strategies

Try these strategies to win at online blackjack

  • Choose A Good Online Casino –Always choose an online casino with a good reputation for giving quick payouts and playing fair.
  • Have Enough Funds –You can’t possibly expect to win good money at online blackjack if you don’t have enough money to bet. It’s always wise to have 50 times the table minimum before you start playing online blackjack for real money.
  • Use Good Basic Game Strategies –Blackjack is a game of skill coupled with a bit of luck. The more you improve your skills, the more you’ll get lucky and win. There are a lot of websites that can give you useful tips and blackjack strategies that can help you win your game.
  • Have A Positive Attitude –Believe in your ability to win! Having a positive attitude when playing blackjack is a must. If you play expecting to lose, then you are going to lose. Expect to win and just have fun!
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