September 28, 2019

Buying and Selling Points: Learning to Play the Market

Buying and Selling Points: Learning to Play the Market

If you are new in online sports betting, you may be confused by all the betting jargon you’ve encountered. While there are a lot of rules in the betting game, one of the most simple ones is buying and selling points.

This is one of the most common and simplest option in sports betting. Buying points can help move a line with your favor while selling points can grow your profits.

The Basics of Buying Points

It’s not easy to spot a bet you are comfortable with, that is why online sportsbooks usually give other opportunities to attract bettors to risk their money. Buying points is one of the methods to lessen the risk of your wager. But, reducing risk means reducing potential winnings as well.

To buy points you can choose a betting line you want to bet on, and then buy a point. Bettors usually buy points in bets against the spread, but they are also likely to buy points to make a more favorable number on total bets. The amount of points you can buy differs from one sportsbook to another, however, a full-point or half-point are the most popular options.

Selling Points 

It actually has the same concept as buying points, however, you are adding your risk and increase your possible winnings rather than playing it safer.

Is It the Same for All Sports?

Football is the easiest when it comes to moving lines, but it is not the same in the sporting world.

You can buy points when you are betting on basketball, however, because it scores by one, two or three points buying just a half-point can be more relevant than in football cause it has more extra impact on the final score.

In hockey, there isn’t much chance to move the “puck line” cause it is always set at -1.5 due to low scoring totals. Like hockey, baseball does not allow lines to be moved, however, you can still buy points on the total scored.

Alternative Lines Explained

It also known as Alternative spreads are the most famous in football, it is a two-step process which is buying and selling. Alternative lines are a one-step task. It is simple as, if you don’t like the original spread on a game, you can select an alternative spread instead.

Buying and selling points have the easiest details of betting. It just gives a little extra insurance to your risk. The primary betting rules apply: the higher the risk, the higher the reward and the lesser the risk, the lesser the reward.

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